Real World Implementation of Automated Sampling in Bioprocess and its Value as a PAT Solution
Dec. 2, 2020 | 11 AM EST



With constraints on personnel and budgets, committing to a purchase of equipment can be difficult without understanding the flexibility and longevity such equipment can provide. Mehdi Saghafi, Sr. Scientist at Bayer, discusses why they chose Seg-Flow autosampler for their upstream lab and the impact of the autosampler on quality of life and data acquisition.

In this talk, he will present on the implementation, remote control, and process automation.

This will be followed with a short overview of the Seg-Flow system and a Q&A session.



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Mehdi Saghafi

Senior Staff Development Scientist, Bayer

Mehdi Saghafi joined Bayer in Berkeley in 1996. He has held various positions in production and since 2000 in Biological Development organization and its predecessors. Over the past 6 years he has focused on advancing lab automation and implementing respective solutions for the upstream group in Biological Development. He has digitalized several labs, introduced new technologies and been involved in global IT projects. Mehdi holds a BS in Biochemistry from UC Davis.


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